“It ain’t the picture and it ain’t the camera – it’s the operator.”

Lost Time Film

“A young couples weekend getaway is derailed by unexpectedly events. Their kindness is tested by a turn of events.

Logline: A pragmatic young couple goes out of the city to camp for the weekend and must overcome a sudden, mysterious stranger and save him. There’s more to this stranger than meets the eyes.

Tagline: No One Is Lost Forever

Details: “This story is about a young couple with plans to get away for the weekend, but with a turn of events they end up helping a mysterious stranger in need, but there is more to this stranger than meets the eyes.”

The success of this film is completely dependent on generous supporters like you. As a contributor you not only will help us make this film, but you will be joining our mission to make an impact in this industry by ensuring that as we make space for our film and voice.

We are passionate about our film Lost Time, which you’ll read more below. We are equally passionate about doing crowdfunding… As you SELECT your Perk of CHOICE, you will bring us one step closer to reaching our GOAL.

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