After earning his bachelor’s degree, Marcus struggles to secure a job and transition into the workforce. After months of searching for jobs while still living at home, he is forced to decide whether his passion, financial stability, or family expectations is most important.


|PULSE: The Beat of Art|

Artist from different realms share their love and interest for their particular art.

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“The Robber” (Written by Aishah Walker-Brown) tells the story of Nicky Satchel, an 82-year-old woman who leads a seemingly normal life. One night after closing up the mini market she works at; she decides to walk home. Now, after a string of robberies throughout the city, this may not be the smartest choice. While on her way she encounters a group of thugs that want her money, she then decides to do something about it.


| LOST |




(Emotion Video starring Rusty Liburd)

|Eye Am (Spoken Word performed by Mariah Herring)|

|There’s Still Me In Motherhood (Documentary)|
(Three young women discuss life’s transitions after having a child)