Allan Stone is a filmmaker from Jamaica. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Studio from the University of New Mexico and a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from Full Sail University. His most recent experience was Producing the film Pulse: The Beat of Art, which is a short documentary about Artist from different realms share their love and interest for their particular art.

Growing up in Jamaica, Allan saw education as the route to success. As a student at the University of New Mexico, he found a passion for film making. There he developed over a dozen promotional videos for academic departments and student organizations. Allan worked as a camera operator on the documentary No Place Like Martineztown, which focused on the role of historical churches within Martineztown. For two years, he shot footage of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta to be presented during the Film Festival. The final product were chosen as second place winners. To further his education, Allan pursued his master’s degree to take the next step in becoming a better filmmaker.

While at Full Sail, Allan wrote, directed, and edited three short films and a documentary. Tetris, a short film about a gamer that struggles to overcome the addiction of video games in order to save his relationship. There’s Still Me In Motherhood documentary is about three young women discuss life’s transitions after having a child. He also worked as a Director of Photography for the short film, Lost, which was about a guy with a magic camera that makes things vanish. As his journey continues, Allan intends to continuously work to improve his knowledge and skills as a filmmaker. Within five years Allan will direct and edit his feature film that he wrote.